Terms Of Use

Right Registrations Terms and Conditions
1. All registrations are sold subject to availability. In the unfortunate event of a failed transfer or we have been let
down by a supplier or private owner a full refund will be issued, unless a satisfactory replacement registration can be
found. We cannot be held liable in any way. All registrations availability and prices shown on the web site are subject
to change without notice.

2. The registrations we sell will either be transferred directly to your vehicle or can be supplied on a certificate; this
enables the purchaser to arrange the transfer himself or through a garage who are supplying the vehicle.
Please be aware it is your responsibility to transfer the registration to a vehicle before the expiry date shown on the
certificate, otherwise you will have to return the certificate prior to expiry to ourselves to be extended. The
certificate is extended for a period of ten years and the DVLA do not charge for this service at the current time.

3. Our service commences immediately upon a part/full payment being taken. This means under the Consumer
Contracts Regulations 2013 if the purchaser does not proceed with the transfer of the registration mark after paying
a part/full payment or fails to supply the required documentation needed by the DVLA for transfer then no part of
any payment is refundable.
We do not offer any refunds if you cancel or change your mind. Upon receipt of an order the purchaser is agreeing to
give us their informed consent to waive their 14-day cooling off period. Any part payment made is non refundable
unless the transfer fails through no fault of the purchaser.

4. Errors & Omissions
Errors & Omissions Excepted – All numbers are subject to price confirmation and availability. Prices may be subject to
alteration. Right Registrations reserve the right to change any content without prior notice. All rights reserved. Use
of this website’s “Buy Online” facility does not guarantee price or availability of your chosen registration.
Right Registrations have made all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the data on the website is accurate.
However by entering this site you agree that Right Registrations, nor any other person involved in creating or
providing this site shall be liable for any indirect or consequential damage arising from the use of any information
contained in the site. Errors (both computer and human can sometimes occur and in any event, a full refund of any
money paid to Right Registrations shall be final settlement for any failure to supply the registration requested.

5. The Buyer of any registration must forward full payment before any transfer will be submitted to the DVLA at
Swansea. This payment must be received within 7 days of agreeing to buy the registration or from the part payment
being paid, otherwise the transaction will be deemed a failure and thus the Buyer will lose their part payment. The
vehicle documents must be forwarded within 14 days to enable the transfer to proceed.

6. The Secretary of State for Transport, the DVLA may at any time revoke the right to a registration mark for
whatsoever reasons. In this highly unlikely event Right Registrations cannot be held responsible. Right Registrations
are not liable for any change in Government legislation or its consequences.

7. Buyers can purchase a registration that is newer than their vehicle but will be unable to display the number plate
on a vehicle that makes the vehicle appear newer. Registrations cannot be cancelled or exchanged it is solely your
responsibility to purchase a registration mark that is transferable to your vehicle.

8. The issue of a new V5c bearing the new registration number will be conclusive proof that a successful transfer has
taken place for both the Buyer and the Seller.

9. Full payment for a registration purchased from the Seller by Right Registrations or sold on a commission basis to a
third party will only be released upon final approval of the replacement V5c registration document from the DVLA.

10. Right Registrations will be responsible for the transfer documentation completion and submission to the DVLA as
quickly as possible but will not be liable for any losses howsoever caused due to any delay otherwise than on the
part of Right Registrations. Nor if the DVLA revokes the right to a registration mark will Right Registrations be liable
for any damages, costs, interest or any other expense whatsoever.

11. Please address any complaints to the Office Manager, Right Registrations, 3 Tor-O-Moor Road, Woodhall Spa,
LN10 6TF.
We will endeavour to respond within 14 days. Our terms are subject to change without prior notice.